Our descriptions of functions

Do you want to learn more about a specific function, or are you no longer sure how a function works? No problem!

Simply follow these steps: choose your model range and click on “Show”.

An overview of all the functions of your model will open. Move the cursor to the “Declaration number” line. Use the mouse to click on the red numbers and you will be directed to the descriptions of functions, which are shown on a separate page.

INDICATION: The descriptions of functions are reviews of particular groups of products, not each function shown is available in every model!

  • B2B
  • Cosyform 2.0
  • Cosyform 4.0
  • Cosyform Einstieg
  • Cosyform Individual
  • Cosyform Office
  • Cumulus Vario 10
  • Cumulus Vario perfekt
  • Cumuly
  • Cumuly Comfort
  • Cumuly Flex
  • Cumuly Wallfree
  • Cumurex
  • Easy Comfort
  • Easy Swing
  • Easy Swing Plus
  • Lounger
  • Massage
  • PROmotion
  • Planopoly 1
  • Planopoly 3
  • Planopoly 7
  • Planopoly 9
  • Planopoly Motion
  • Planopoly Motion 4.0
  • Quartett
  • S-Lounger
  • Select
  • Senator
  • Signa
  • Sleepoly
  • Sofa
  • Tangram Motion
  • Tangram Relax
  • Tangram Sistema
  • Tangram Sofa
  • VarioFlex
  • Young Basic
  • Zerostress
  • Zerostress Plus
  • e³motion

Everything at a glance:

Here you can find an overview of the many different functions and features available for our upholstered furniture. The individual functions are described in detail as an image or in a video and show the possibilities.
It is also worth visiting a himolla showroom in a specialist furniture store. You can try out many of the functions for yourself here.