himolla – upholstery for people

With our slogan “upholstery for people”, we feel duty-bound to act in a sustainable manner. This applies to both our environment and our customers, as well as to our staff. And our obligations go far beyond the factory gates.

For himolla, sustainability is about forging a close connection between our ecological, economical and social behaviours in relation to the use of all resources. It involves a constant, critical and transparent consideration of all the processes within the company, involving the staff in this process.

Each day, around 3,000 members of highly motivated staff produce unique pieces of furniture. In addition to their enthusiasm, passion and constant striving for quality, this requires the desire to do things better each day. This is what drives us on – each and every day!

And that is one of the reasons that we make our processes transparent and invite independent institutes to inspect and monitor our work.


Apart from ensuring the finest quality and the best economic efficiency, our key company objectives are sustainability, protection of the environment and safety.


We are committed to consistently reducing our impact on the environment. This process of continuous improvement is regularly documented in published environmental declarations.

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel stands for low-emission upholstered furniture which is characterised by a significantly lower impact on health and the environment – from production to use to disposal, across the entire life of the furniture.

Environmental Pact

We are an active signatory of the Bavarian Environmental Pact. We work to continuously improve our operational protection of the environment and in doing so seek to prevent pollution before it occurs. We are always actively on the lookout for alternative solutions.

Golden M

We voluntarily submit our furniture for inspection in line with the latest quality and test regulations of the DGM (in line with RAL-GZ 430). These requirements do not just relate to longevity and faultless functionality; they also incorporate the health and safety of the consumer and the environmental impact of our production processes. Each individual factor is thoroughly examined by independent test institutes.

DGM Emissions Label

The DGM Emissions Label provides information about the emission classes of harmful substances. The classification is based on extensive testing in line with RAL-GZ 430. It is intended to protect the health of the consumer.