Everything you have always wanted to know about himolla!

In our FAQs section we answer the most frequently asked questions. The section is constantly being added to. Your question is not there? No problem: Simply email your question to ask@himolla.com. We will get back to you – we promise!

Can you send me the latest himolla catalogue?

We provide our partner furniture stores with an extensive catalogue containing all of our products and the corresponding product information. You can view this catalogue at one of our partner furniture stores. As we only supply furniture stores and not consumers, we cannot provide a full catalogue to consumers. You can, however, order product brochures containing all of the required product information using our contact form.

Can I request prices from you directly?

We only sell our products via specialist furniture stores. We do not sell directly. As such, you can only find price information about the upholstered furniture that you are interested in from a specialist retailer and not from himolla.  You can find the retailers in your vicinity through the “Search for a retailer” page.

Can I order himolla products directly from your website?

As we only supply specialist furniture stores and not consumers. We are not able to  sell our products online. The vast majority of our customers want to try the upholstered furniture before they buy and enjoy expert advice; a network of retailers is, therefore, the best way for us to serve our customers.

I have seen a chair or a suite on an advert. Why can I not find it on your website?

Unfortunately, not all of our models are available everywhere. You are likely to have seen an exclusive model, which was produced specifically for a retailer or a group of retailers. Please contact the company behind the advert directly and speak to your local retailer. They will be able to help you further.

Can I order himolla products directly from the factory?

As we only supply our partner furniture stores, we are not able to sell new products directly to consumers. You can, however, make an appointment through a furniture store to visit our factory showroom to help you make a decision.

We only provide advice in our showroom. You cannot buy directly from us.

Our outlet store gives you the chance to purchase end-of-line and ex-display models.
We only sell the items in stock here. It is not possible to place orders.

himolla ZV-Lagerverkauf
84416 Taufkirchen / Vils
Tel.: +49 (0)8084 / 25 - 236

Where can I buy himolla products?

himolla only supplies its products to partner furniture stores. To find a retailer near you, please visit our Retailers page. You can enter your postcode or town on this page to find your local retailer.

How do I look after himolla products?

himolla uses a wide range of materials to produce its upholstered furniture. Each material has product-specific characteristics, which also need to be cleaned and cared for in a specific way. himolla provides product-specific cleaning and care instructions for most of the materials used, such as fabric, leather and wood. This information will be provided with the delivery of your himolla upholstered furniture. You can find instructions in our user manual.

What guarantees do himolla products come with?

himolla places the highest demands on the quality of materials and workmanship. This means that the construction, materials and environmental production standards are all subject to the most stringent test specifications. We attest to this fact with our triple himolla five-year guarantee. The triple himolla five-year guarantee is only valid for the original buyer. The guarantee is non-transferable.

Who should I contact to make a complaint?

In the case of a complaint, please contact your contractual partner at the furniture store where you bought our products. The furniture store will pass the complaint on to himolla. The furniture store will handle the complaint. A service technician from the himolla customer service team, which comprises 26 highly qualified experts across Europe, will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to arrange an appointment to resolve the issue in your home in a fast, competent and fair manner.

I have a complaint, but the furniture store I bought from no longer exists?

If your contract partner (the furniture store where you bought from) has closed, we will of course be happy to help you directly.

The complete details of the order, delivery and model data are important for us.

These data can be found on the 1st page of the operating instructions and as a barcode/guarantee label under the furniture.

Since we do not have the personal data of the end customers, we cannot assign your order otherwise.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail to: info@himolla.com  or use our contact form.

Please describe your request to us. If you wish, you can also send us additional pictures.

Our customer service team will review the case and contact you promptly.