Materials – only the very best will do!

For us, quality is key; and this applies long before our specialists get to work and make your new upholstered furniture! When it comes to sourcing raw materials – be it leather, fabric, foam or timber – only the very best is good enough. And it’s not just about raw material quality, compatibility with our designs ensuring superb comfort and finished look plus sustainability are equally important. After all, how else will we inspire you as our customer and guarantee a great experience. So, whatever your choice of materials for your new upholstered furniture – simply sit back with confidence and relax knowing you have invested in the very best. More details can be found below on the different types of raw material used.

If you have any further questions and require more information, please contact us directly or visit one of our many himolla studios in a specialist furniture store.


Leather is a piece of nature – it breathes, is durable and is kind to the skin. The special treatment that we give to our leather makes it extremely easy to look after. mehr


himolla cover fabrics are also subjected to strict inspection procedures and are tested thoroughly. After all, they need to be able to last the lifetime of your furniture. mehr


We at himolla set on high-quality and tested foams. These are without exception free of formaldehyde, FC and CFC-free. Our foams are particularly breathable and hygienic. mehr


Our woods come from a controlled forestry because we believe in this point as well in durability, responsibility and quality. Stains and lackers are tested on their environmental safety before use. mehr