Upholstered suite CHESTER 4247
Upholstered suite CHESTER 4247
Upholstered suite CHESTER 4247
Upholstered suite CHESTER 4247
Upholstered suite CHESTER 4247
Upholstered suite CHESTER 4247




A symphony of design and function

The curved CHESTER sofa offers an integrated footrest in all three seats and is made in a space-saving contemporary design. The extremely comfortable chairs are designed to make yourself at home. A matching lift and rise recliner helps people with limited ability to improve their quality of life without having compromise on design furniture.

Time to relax

The CHESTER stands out thanks to its range of attractive options: you can choose from various different elements, such as sofas with a CUMULY function or a fixed seat, as well as a curved sofa with a CUMULY function, a table surface and comfortable footstools. Transform your living room into an oasis of calm.

Enjoy lots of benefits with himolla furniture

Your living room has its own unique style – and you can easily ensure that your new CUMULY functional furniture matches this. Choose from numerous different fabric and leathers in a wide range of colours and qualities. Thus, you can ensure that your CHESTER upholstered furniture fits with your own style.

Flexible design: CUMULY suite

The CHESTER comes with a range of unique and patented reclining functions. himolla also offers a matching functional chair or swivel recliner for the upholstered suite. The furniture manufacturer also has matching trapezoidal tables in its range. The manual version with the CUMULY function features a backrest adjustable by gas spring mechanism (by pulling on the release loop) and a leg rest that is adjusted by body pressure. If you opt for the electric version, you can adjust the backrest and leg rest separately using a remote control.


  • Available as a curved or single sofa
  • Fold-down backrest with a table in the central back element of the curved sofa
  • When the table is folded down, the rest of the backrest can be tilted backwards.
  • Separate adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • Headrest tilt adjustment
  • Upholstered side part
  • 3 different feet options: plastic, wooden or aluminium
  • Seat height: 43 cm
  • Seat depth: 55 cm
  • 2 seat tensions: Superlastic soft, Superlastic med

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