The many faces of a strong brand

Whichever item of upholstered furniture you decide to buy from himolla, you are always buying a branded product! Our products are individually tailored to your wishes and do not only set standards in terms of their functionality. Look forward to relaxation and comfort with legendary himolla quality.


The many possible combinations of functions and the different designs available mean that each piece of upholstered furniture is a truly unique product.


All of the comfort functions – ranging from the practical Pendolin corner to the revitalising massage programme – have been seamlessly integrated into the stunning design.


The product range spans from made-to-measure suites to high-tech recliners. And there is something to suit every style.

Premium himolla quality from Bavaria guarantees an exceptionally high product quality.

Our product lines at a glance

B2B Upholstery sets

Back to Basics: B2B stands for clear lines and a perfectly thought-out type plan. B2B furniture is available in over 30 variants, ranging from single sofas to individually planned sofa element groups. Special features are the wall-free relax function and the comfortable seat tilt adjustment, which can be controlled in any position. On request, all models are available with external battery.

Cosyform chairs

Do you want to relax and let your mind wander with Cosyform? No problem. Choose your dream chair from a wide range of models, designs and base frames. From chrome to a stainless steel finish to wood or a powder-coated finish – Cosyform chairs always fit in! Cosyform does full justice to its name – the chairs are cosy, comfortable and a real pleasure to sit in! Escape from everyday life and find your own oasis of calm.

Cumulus Massage chairs

Back pain remains the most common ailment in Germany. With our range of massage chairs, you can take a stand against the pain in the most comfortable way possible! Choose between a number of different massage functions, and treat your back to up to six different massage programmes.

Cumulus Varioflex chairs

The Cumulus Varioflex chair combines modern technology with elegant aesthetics. The various relaxing features have been cleverly integrated into the cubic design. The narrow backrests are particularly special. They can be adjusted into the reclining position either manually or electrically. Furthermore, the chairs are generally available in two different sizes.

Cumulus Vario 10 chairs

The Cumulus Vario 10 range is unbelievably varied. The variety begins with the huge choice of different looks, which ensures that there is a chair to suit every taste. In addition, you can choose your favourite from ten different functional options. The options range from simple manual adjustment to a three-motor adjustment with Lift & Rise. Furthermore, each electric chair can be fitted with a heated seat and backrest, lumbar support and a relaxing, revitalising massage. And the best thing is that the chair comes in up to six different sizes, depending on the model.

Cumuly chairs and upholstered suites

Modern, timeless design and ergonomic comfort are not contradictions! Products from the Cumuly series turn relaxing seating into a pleasurable, restorative experience. First-class comfort. Glide into a comfortable reclining position in one motion; switch off and enjoy your time within seconds thanks to the integrated reclining function. The seat and backrest adjustment can also be operated separately on some Cumuly models.

Easy Comfort upholstered suites

Enjoy a new sense of ease with Easy Comfort! The new Easy Comfort suites impress with their modern appearance, and make you feel as though you are floating. Combine them with a matching armchair from the Cosyform 4.0 range and transform your lounge into a special experience.
Whether you prefer a classic suite or a multi-functional, curved media sofa: we can make your dreams come true. Discover our new, lightweight suites and turn your living room into a stress-free zone.

Easy Swing chairs

EasySwing glides into a reclining position that promises wonderful relaxation. The chairs can be adjusted either manually or at the touch of a button. The flexible headrest can be individually positioned as required so that you can read, watch television or simply relax. It is available in up to five different sizes to perfectly fit the user. Additional options, including for the chair base, further underline the versatility of this chair.

ErgoSelect upholstered suites

The ErgoSelect models can be perfectly adapted and equipped to suit your ergonomic requirements. An integrated wellness package ensures that you feel great when using the furniture. Treat your back to an ErgoSelect suite that has been certified by the Healthy Back Campaign (AGR). Models from the Select range also come with the Telemat function for perfect seating comfort and are equipped with various extra features. Customised heights and sizes, back-friendly features and even Lift & Rise are all commonly found in these sofas.

e³motion upholstered suites

Modern suites with an impressive reclining function. The modern look of the sofas, which can be fitted with a relaxing reclining function, really stands out. e³motion combines modernity and functionality in a truly unique way.

Lounger upholstery sets

Our Lounger sets captivate with their unique functionality paired with modern design and a fine, filigree language of forms. All electric models are offered with external battery. Highlight of this product group are the elements with rotatable seat.
Matching relax chairs in the S-Lounger collection.

Planopoly upholstered suites

Planopoly modular systems impress with their huge variety of models, which can be individually configured to precisely suit your requirements. Helpful, convenient features, such as beds, electric recamiers and integrated reclining chairs guarantee pure relaxation for the customer. The three different seat tensions – which are all priced the same – provide the perfect seating comfort for every user.

Planopoly Motion upholstered suites

Planopoly Motion – the versatile range of sofas, featuring the wall-free reclining function, which invites you to relax! The convenient reclining function comes in both manual and electric versions.

PROmotion Upholstery sets

From the comfortable single couch to the free-standing single sofa to the complete living area, PROmotion offers you a wide range of products with over 40 variants. Models with filigree feet create a modern look: furniture from PROmotion seems to float above the ground. Seat depth adjustment is a characteristic feature: the backrests can be manually adjusted backwards. This makes the lying surfaces wider and you can relax excellently. Electric leg rests operated by a toggle switch on the side and manually adjustable headrests are further typical features of the PROmotion furniture line. On request, all models are available with external battery.

Quartett chairs

The cosy look of Quartett immediately reveals what the chair has to offer: namely pure comfort! Choose from four different functional options (or five with some models) – pick the version that best matches your requirements. The models can be ordered as manual or electric versions.
Quartett provides a quartet of benefits: great comfort, great flexibility, perfect relaxation and great prices.

S-Lounger armchairs

The comfortable functional armchairs with narrow side parts are available in 3 sizes and 5 functional variants, optionally with wireless remote control and external battery. Leg rests, backrests and headrests can be individually adjusted. You can choose between 6 different star base and round base variants made of metal, wood or a combination of both materials. For optimum seating comfort, 3 seat firmnesses are optionally available for the 360° rotating Premium models with integrated stand-up aid and heart-balance function.

Select upholstered suites

Sit impressively with Select. Models from the range can be perfectly adapted and equipped to suit your ergonomic requirements. An integrated wellness package ensures that you feel great when using the furniture. This includes: the Telemat function for healthy seating comfort, an adaptable lumbar support and a pleasant heated seat and backrest. Also available with a new wool cover, depending on the model. Treat yourself and your back.

Senator chairs

The comfortable chairs from the Senator range combine all the comfort features. From electric seat depth adjustment and seat height adjustment to Lift & Rise; from adjustable lumbar support to a revitalising massage – everything is possible! Senator – the real all-rounder!

SIGNA product group

The upholstered furniture of the Signa series convinces with sophistication, functionality, lightness and ground clearance. The modern look ranges from classic to cosy - the seating furniture blends in well with any interior. They are characterised by features such as seat depth adjustment and electrically folding leg rests. The electrical variants can be easily adjusted with a toggle switch. Large reclining areas and wide recamiers provide excellent comfort. The corner combinations and single sofas are available in over 35 variants and two seat firmnesses.

Sleepoly sofa beds

The chairs and sofas from the Sleepoly range offer enormous flexibility for small spaces. The various bed widths and upholstered elements – generally in 10 cm increments – make precise planning a breeze! The easy-to-use functionality demonstrates the high quality of the furniture.

Tangram Motion upholstered suites

Experience the sensational wall-free reclining feature from himolla with Tangram Motion. With the basic model including start assistance or with the motorised version, Tangram Motion includes a hidden leg rest which slides out of the base-free body. The best thing about it is that the technology means that you can place the sofa pretty much up against a wall. Additional features, such as plug sockets in the fold-down backrest, corner elements and practical storage space, round off the offer.

Tangram Sistema upholstered suites

Everything goes to plan with Tangram Sistema from himolla – your plan that is! Configure your very own dream lounge – with over 40 modules and various functions, such as integrated beds, recamiers, Cumurex chairs and Pendolins.
Get really comfortable... with one of three different seat tensions. And the price is just as enticing as the versatility of your island of well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself! And combine the modules to your heart’s content.

Tangram Sofa upholstered suites

The Tangram Sofa range offers a wide selection of models. You can get really comfortable on a Tangram Sofa. Choose from various seat tensions to ensure that your new favourite sofa meets your requirements. Integrated features, such as pull-out seats, are extremely convenient. Sit comfortably and cost-effectively. With Tangram Sofa.

Tangram Relax upholstered suites

The suites from the Tangram Relax range from himolla turn relaxed sitting into a restorative, pleasurable experience. Glide into a comfortable reclining position in one motion and switch off within seconds thanks to the integrated reclining function.
The ergonomically designed sofa and chair backs offer an exceptional level of comfort. Feel great and experience the magnificent sensation of sitting on a Tangram Relax model.

Zerostress chairs

Zerostress chairs and suites allow you to glide gently into your ideal reclining position – seamlessly and with consummate ease. The chairs follow the movements of your body and are thus perfectly suited to relaxing. Zerostress chairs are also available in a range of sizes!