For himolla, as a German based company, creating sofas for living, feeling, sleeping, lounging, bree- thing and reflecting, is simply a matter close to our heart. We create favourite places where you can relax both physically and mentally. What began more than seventy years ago in a tiny workshop in Taufkirchen just outside Munich has long since become one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturer in Europe. With about 3,000 employees and representatives in more than 60 countries worldwide, himolla plays in the major league. himolla embodies chic design with the unmistakable and recognisable style of head designer Tamara Härty. Our furniture is proudly handcrafted by choice and has earned a worldwide reputation for top quality and reliability. They incarnate ultimate comfort and technical sophistication with innovative and unique features. Finally, our entire product range is available in a wide selection of the finest leathers and fabrics to suit your taste. A WONDERFUL SOFA AND FAVOURITE ARMCHAIR SIMPLY MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER live let yourself fall learn to watch snakes plant impossible gardens invite someone dangerous to tea make small gestures making friends with freedom and uncertainty look forward to dreams cry at movies swing as high as you can do things out of love take a lot of naps pass the money do it now believe in magic laugh more take kids seriously bathe in the moonlight read every day imagine you are under a spell listen to old people be happy let go of your fear entertain your inner child hug trees write love letters joseph beuys At 2962 m above sea level, the famous Zugspitze is the mountain top in the Wetterstein mountains and also Germany‘s highest elevation. The Zugspitze is located in Bavaria quite close to our home Taufkirchen Vils and near our capital Munich. HIMOLLA INTERNATIONAL – CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW JUST BE INSPIRED ON A JOURNEY THROUGH THE REALM OF HIMOLLA PRODUCTS.